We are all born with genetic predispositions, there is no doubt about that, but I believe that most human traits are skills to be learned and patience is certainly one of them.

Forget your genetics, forget your predispositions, let’s take a look at the patience itself.

Patience has many benefits for our lives as it keeps our mental health in check and is crucial for finishing any activity.

Today’s fast phased age has caused many people to lose their patience ability as they got used to having everything immediately.

There is a big price we pay for giving up patience since not everything can be speeded up.

Certain things simply need time, they require patience, and there is no shortcut available.


For example, when people tried to speed up a process of cooking and developed fast food, they lost quality nutrition.

When they tried to get bigger muscle without exercising consistently and long enough by using steroids, the price was their health.

When there was a big business decision to make and the management rushed it up, they lost a ton of money.

The examples could go on, and the message is clear – there is always a horrible price for impatience and a gold treasure waiting for those who can, as we say, “give it time.”

Your job is to be mindful and define what way are you handling situations that require patience right now.

What are the cases or particular people who you lose patience with easily?

Look for the root cause, the “why” behind your impatience.

If you’ve never looked for the “whys”, you can read my HOW TO Find your “whys” guide later.

For learning more about mindfulness and what 3 steps you can take to improve midnful living, check my HOW TO Be Mindful guide.

2. step – DECISION

When you are done with step no. 1 and you know what is causing your impatience towards different events, people and situations, let the “why” go.

It is in the past now, and you have a choice to not get affected by it anymore and become more patient from now on.

Your mind is a powerful tool, and you can decide what way you want to handle moments that require your time.

Make that decision.

Take time right now tell yourself what way exactly are you going to be patient from now on.

Decide how are you going to feel and how proud you will be once you handle the next situation the right way.

Try to remember the situations that cause you to usually lose patience and focus on these.

Play those situations in your head but this time try to imagine yourself behaving and handling it the way that would make you feel proud and happy with yourself.

This exercise will help you preset the new decisions for future situations and when they happen, you will know what to do and how to take care of things patiently.

3. step – PRACTICE

How do you gain a skill? By practicing it.

Although in this case, it is a bit tricky since to practice any skill you need patience, and patience is what you want to find out how to do here.

Don’t worry; I got you covered.



There are so many ways how to practice patience, but as always I will share with you the method I came up with and used myself that helped me the most in the beginnings.

Every time you start feeling impatient close your eyes and start telling yourself a joke in your head. Seriously, it works.

Occupying your mind with other activity will cause a distraction, and once you realize that you are telling yourself a joke in your head, you will forget what was the situation about and when you open your eyes and come back to that moment you will be able to handle it with a clear head.

Make sure you follow the step no 1. and no 2. Before attempting the last one. Keep practicing your patience skill using my method and always be kind to yourself. Change is hard, but it is the only way forward.



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Can't wait to see your results!


Oh yes! Get ready for the results!

Change your MIND - change your LIFE !

Start your self-development journey with my 21 DAY Mind Control Challenge!

Today you can save $20 and get it from me for FREE.

Can't wait to see your results!


Oh yes! Get ready for the results!

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