1. step – BREATH

It might be tiring to hear this coming from every corner: “be present” or “live in this moment”. But it is repeatedly mentioned exactly for its vital importance.

Being present means being focused on the very moment and not getting distracted by past or future related thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Because if you do get distracted, you are letting your life slip through your fingers.

The past has already happened and it can’t be changed and the future hasn’t happened yet.

The only way to create the future the way you desire is to live mindfully “now”.

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Learning to be present is one of the musts if you want to lead a happy, fulfilled and mindful life.

Nowadays as this topic gained popularity, you can find ways how to achieve being present on every other blog

A paradox

The funny thing is that being present is an ability that we are born with.

We already knew how to do that but eventually, by growing up in this modern society, most of us lost this ability completely.

We have this saying in my country: “what you learn as a kid, when old as if you just found it” – meaning that since we knew how to be present when we were little, it must be there in us somewhere.

We just have to find it and implement it again into our lives.

Then slowly but surely, by following few steps and with practice, being present will become natural again.

Where to start?

I believe the first step towards becoming present again is to reconnect with your breath.

Take a moment and feel through your breath.

Becoming aware of the air coming inside our lungs and leaving our body is also the elementary principle of meditation.

The breath is here to help us connect with the present moment.

We don’t need to focus on our breath in order for it to work. It is as natural as blinking our eyes, but if we couldn’t blink, we wouldn’t see – without breathing we wouldn’t be.

And yet most people go day by day not realizing and not taking a moment of gratitude for the simplest, most natural but most important thing in their lives – for the ability to breathe.

Just by taking a few seconds, acknowledging one breath a day, we can start our journey to becoming present again.

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Once you become aware of your breath, you will find yourself grounded.

It should feel like the fast phased life around you is slowing down.

At that moment you are “here and now”.

For most people, this state of mind is “the present moment” they aim for, but I believe it to be just a first half of the job.

The second half is to become mindful – to become aware of life and self.

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Only when you consciously slow yourself down by deep breathing, depersonalize – let go of the “self” and blend in with your surroundings and life, only then, you are mindfully present.

You can read the full 3-step HOW TO Be Mindful if you want more guidance in this area.

3. step – SELF-CARE

Our body and our minds are all we will ever truly own in this world.

That’s why taking care of our mental and physical health is a must.

When it comes to mental health self-care technique, which is great for practicing mindfulness and finding the present moment – meditation is “the thing”.

Meditation is a form of relaxation through breath, used for finding inner strength and stability.

It helps to soothe your mind, clear your thoughts and relax your body, therefore creating the ideal base for connecting with the present moment and the “self”.

Meditation is and always will be for free the moment you learn it.

To do so, you can find books, attend courses and classes or try my Meditation Challenge will full guidance designed for beginners.

My journey:

When I was starting my meditation journey, I had a tough time finding one source that would give me all the information necessary for learning this technique.

Because of this fact, my journey had many trials and errors on the way before I collected every piece of information leading me to finally meditate correctly and enjoy the incredible benefits that come with it.

This experience wasn’t something I would wish to others, as it required a lot of patience and persistence not to give up trying, when it didn’t work in the beginnings.

Ater successfully learning it myself I created the Meditation Challenge for Beginners mentioned above.

Thanks to this challenge, you can skip the trial and error frustrating part and head straight to the success.

The Meditation Challenge is a step by step guide for learning Meditation without previous knowledge, understanding it, and adopting it with ease into your lifestyle.

To get more information on this topic, you can continue to full 3-step guide HOW TO Meditate.


  • The Present Moment Challenge – will be released shortly, stay tuned by subscribing – you will be notified once the challenge is out and available!
  • The Meditation Challenge – this challenge is designed for beginners and will guide you through meditation step by step, so you can understand why are you doing what you are doing and benefit from this technique as soon as possible.
  • What Does “Be Present” Actually MEAN and How Do I Do It?! – if you were lucky enough and social media didn’t manage to spam you with this buzzing “be present” topic, reading this article by Louise Thompson is a great way to dive in and catch up on the basic knowledge slowly.
  • 12 Simple Ways to Be Present – Charlie Gilkey shares 12 simple acts that you can implement into your life very quickly and her article comes in an audio form so you can listen to it whenever the time is convenient.

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Oh yes! Get ready for the results!

Change your MIND - change your LIFE !

Start your self-development journey with my 21 DAY Mind Control Challenge!

Today you can save $20 and get it from me for FREE.

Can't wait to see your results!


Oh yes! Get ready for the results!

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