1. step – THE END

Finding a purpose can seem like the hardest and most challenging task in our life.

Having a purpose means living, not having it means surviving. Click To Tweet

Not having a purpose in life can make us feel lost in life and the lack of it can cause sadness, feelings of emptiness, frustration and in some cases even a fall into depression.

Sometimes the best place to look for something is not the beginning but the end of the route.

That is why the first step to finding your purpose is to make a list of things that you actually don’t want your purpose to be.

This list  can be also very useful to keep for the future by the way. You can come back to this list time to time and see clearly whether you are not leaning towards a life you don’t want to have. And if it would be happening, you can adjust your actions in time to reverse it and turn it around.

Creating the list of things you don’t want your purpose to consist of will help you narrow the answers down from not having a clue where to start, to having at least some direction to go.

When writing the words under the “Undesired Purpose” headline, make sure you are as specific as possible – it is important for the step no.2.


2. step – THE QUESTION

Now when you know what you don’t want your purpose to be, it will be easier to find the contrary.

It is time to ask yourself the one profaned question: “What would you do if you had 1 year to live?” – do not roll your eyes up and instead take the time and think about your answer.

Just imagine you would really have 1 year left on this planet.

To what or to whom will you dedicate your last 365 days?

What footprint do you want to leave in this world?

How do you want to be remembered?

Don’t only focus on the big picture, think about the daily activities, daily thoughts, what will they be?

What is it?

What makes your heart pump faster? What gets you emotional? What drives you angry? What global problems you are passionate about? What relationship do you want to create with yourself and others?

Use the notes from step no. 1., if you gave it all and wrote many details it is now the time to take a look at them and realize that if those are the things you don’t want, the contrary is very probably your desire in life.

Write down this contrary under a new headline called “Desired Purpose”.

Now you might think this seems just like another HOW TO on finding purpose, right?

Seemingly “stupid” questions that won’t help anyways…

But don’t be fooled, stay patient this time and continue.

Read until the end, and discover my ultimate secret to having a purpose in life.


3. step – PICK or CHOOSE

Now that you have written your answers to the “Desired Purpose” let’s focus on them.

Your answer may consist out of one sentence or many.

I always say that our most significant power in this world is the choice to make a decision.

Our most significant power in this world is the choice to make a decision. Click To Tweet

People way too often forget that every single one of us possesses this power. We just need to practice it to make it grow stronger.

Why am I mentioning this right now?

Because if there are more sentences, more options for your “Desired Purpose” on the list, you will have to make a decision which one will you pick.

Listen to your mind and body, pick the one you feel the strongest emotion towards to, circle it on that paper.

Now it is official; you found your life purpose.

Don’t panic now, your life purpose can change over time, and that’s entirely fine.

You will always have to decide where your effort will go, more precisely – you will have to make that decision every single day and sometimes more than once.

But every moment you do make that decision, life becomes simpler.

Because now you have your direction; you know which steps to take and which not to, in order for your actions to be aligned with your purpose.

Now you are at peace; now you know what to do with your life.



What if though, you really have no idea, what is your desired life purpose?

What if after completing the step no.1 and no.2, you ended up with a blank paper?

Well, in that case, you would actually belong to the majority of people in the world, so don’t you feel bad or sad – I used to belong to this group also.

Instead, read my secret thanks to which every single person on this earth can have their life purpose in 10 seconds.

Are you ready?!

So here it goes: “If you can’t find your purpose, CHOOSE it.” and by choosing it, I mean making it up!

If you can’t find your purpose, choose it. Click To Tweet

Because you know what?

People who say they “found” their purpose, do you think it magically appeared on their table, or they found it under a leaf in the garden?

I doubt it.

And I say that those who claim to have “found” their purpose did exactly what I did.

Their life and their self-development journey has led them through life and by growing personally, they were becoming interested in different areas. And once they found the area that was close to their heart, they made the decision to CHOOSE something related to that area to be their purpose.

So they haven’t really “found” the purpose.

They “found” interests through living mindfully and their journey has given them opportunities and ideas how they could contribute and create an added value in this world.

And then, all these people used that strongest power I was mentioning earlier – the power of choice and decision – and they had each chosen one of those opportunities and ideas and decided for it to be their life purpose.

What was my case?

I was one of those people with a blank paper at the end of every “Find your life purpose exercise”, I have been there.

I thought one day I would wake up and “boom” – life purpose would be waiting for me written in a book with a nice cover, and I would finally know what to do with my life.

As you might guess, it never happened.

On my life journey, that is no more than quarter of century-long, I had the honor to meet over few thousand of people, kids, teenagers, young adults, people in their thirties and forties as well as those wise older men and women, rich and poor.

And for the past six years I asked the people I met: “Do you have a purpose in life?”

And majority of the time the answers were: “No, I don’t, I don’t know what my life purpose is”.

With the older ones it was: “No, I never found it or even looked for it”.

And from millennials I’ve heard: “Well, I looked for it, but I couldn’t find it, so I gave up. I guess I don’t need it”.

These answers blew my mind!

So many people I met have settled for a life without a purpose, without a meaning.

They would rather not have any life purpose, than having “some” simply because those people were terrified of making a mistake and indentifying their “real life purpose” falsely.

But what shocked me the most was that people referred to some sort of “external power” that was “supposed to” show or give them the life purpose.

I was speechless because I realized how many people completely refuse their own biggest power.

That power of choice and decision.

That is why I decided to make my life purpose about making as many people as possible realize, that they can CHOOSE TO DECIDE what their life purpose will be.

They don’t have to wait for it to be discovered, because it won’t be.

Accept this fact and it will change your life forever.

You can CHOOSE your life purpose.

You can re-CHOOSE your life purpose at any time.

But CHOOSE ONE already and do something meaningful with your life, anything is better than nothing.

Everything is better than waiting and stagnating in the pursuit of “finding the ultimate life-long purpose” in order to avoid having the “wrong one”.

And last piece of guidance for the end of this guide inspired by Royden G. Derrick:

“If you want to be endlessly happy, choose such a life purpose that will help and benefit others. Because no man ever finds happiness by thinking of himself. True happiness comes when we lose ourselves in the service of others.”   



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  • Living a Good Life Without Purposehaving a life purpose doesn’t have to mean trying to save the world, discovering a life-saving drug, making millions of dollars, or cleaning oceans of plastic. You are a unique individual, and your purpose will be just as unique and it is entirely up to you what your purpose will be. It can as well be living mindfully, and this article by Marcia Reynolds explains it excellently.

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Oh yes! Get ready for the results!

Change your MIND - change your LIFE !

Start your self-development journey with my 21 DAY Mind Control Challenge!

Today you can save $20 and get it from me for FREE.

Can't wait to see your results!


Oh yes! Get ready for the results!

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