1. step – PLACE

Meditation is a form of relaxation used for finding inner strength and stability; it helps to soothe your mind, clear your thoughts and relax your body. It is also known as a stress management tool for lowering anxiety.

Being relaxed in a crowded, noisy place, full of distraction is almost impossible. Therefore finding a quiet place where you feel calm and not interrupted is what you are looking for.

Why I started meditating?

My life has always been pretty hectic, and I used to be extremely busy as I had to combine almost full-time work with my university studies for several years.

I started my meditation journey as a response to the wake-up call I experienced in the form of developing anxiety due to being long term overstressed.

Finding the right place for meditation can take you some time of exploring.

In the beginnings of my meditation journey I meditated sitting next to my bed. After some time I realized that being “on” my bed helps me feel more relaxed – such a small difference in positioning can put the meditation effect to a whole new level, that’s why finding the right meditation spot is essential.

Be creative

As my meditation journey went on, I found out that I enjoy to switch places for my meditation according to the time of the year. I live in the heart of Europe and we have all four seasons, the diversity of environment is endless here so I take advantage of it.

In winter, I love meditating in my bed, whereas in summer I have this secret hidden spot on the top of a hill close to my home and I go often meditate there if I have more time.

It is entirely up to you to decide what is going to be your place for meditation. Just be patient and don’t give up, if meditation doesn’t feel right at first, you can simply try a different place and see how it feels.



After finding your “place” – step into it. You should already feel calm and content with the moment.


Now it’s time to try which meditating position you feel the most relaxed in, physically and mindfully.

It might be sitting in the standard meditating position with your legs crossed and hands on your knees.

Or it could be lying down with your arms and legs fully stretched, however, feels right.

Listen and trust your body; it will guide you if you allow it.

Once you are in your meditating “place” and your “position”, become present.

Just give yourself those few seconds, minutes if you like and turn your awareness inwards.

Prepare for this activity that you are about to do. It is same as stretching before a long run, the body and the mind need to get the signal that something is about to happen in order to be ready.


Now, become aware of your breath.

Feel it in your body, concentrating in your lungs and spreading to the tiptoe of your feet.

Take control of your breath.

Inhale into your stomach, into your chest and finally into your breast.

Focus on each part and give it 100% of your energy – first the stomach, second the chest and the breast as a third.

Keep repeating this inhaling and exhaling process and feel your breath, heart rate and reality slowing down.

Listen to the breath, let it flow through you, become one with it.


3. step – THOUGHTS

Meditation is about clearing your mind and your thoughts.

About letting go what was, to make space for what is about to come.

Practicing meditation is one of the 3 steps in the HOW TO Be Mindful guide which you can check later.

After finding your place, getting into a position and starting the breathing process, it’s very usual for people to expect that their thoughts will automatically disappear.

Therefore when the opposite happens, and their thoughts even multiply, they get confused, annoyed and often angry at themselves or meditation itself for being useless.

Not knowing that this stage is completely normal is often considered as one of the main reasons why people give up on meditation.

Because now, you have given yourself the time and space to be with your mind, your thoughts will make sure to be there with you loud and clear.

They won’t magically disappear.

Meditation just like anything else is a skill to be learned, requiring time, dedication and most importantly practice.

The real meditation starts the moment you no longer realize you are meditating. Click To Tweet

So how to do it?

To experience all the incredible benefits meditation can offer, you have to know how to handle this first phase – phase of thoughts flying crazily in your head.

So next time this phase takes up, do not panic or get frustrated.

Allow yourself to have these thoughts, observe them and tell yourself: “It is alright to have this thought, I am acknowledging it, and now I choose to let go.”

Keep repeating this “mantra” and your three-step breathing process until you feel calm, mindful, complete and happy. (and of course, until your gentle alarm goes off).

Keep in mind that meditation time is only about YOU.

You can choose any type of meditation, any music or voice to support it, any place, position or time that you need to get the best out of it.

But most importantly, start.



  •  The Beginner Meditation Challenge I designed this challenge with beginners in mind, so there is no space for hesitation. Whether you are familiar with meditating or this would be your first time, I got you covered. This challenge will guide you through the first week and set you up for successfully implementing meditation into your lifestyle.
  • Guided Meditationsthis form of meditation is very beneficial especially in the beginnings of your journey. You can find many guided meditations on youtube and other places on the internet, but this is the one I personally enjoy the most and recommend to you as well. Juliana and Mark, beautiful souls from Canada, are the creators of this guided meditation series, and they even have one video dedicated to beginners that you can look up and try first. When it comes to guided meditations, its vital to find someone whose voice will align with your being and for me, it was Juliana’s.
  • 7 Life-Changing Benefits of a Surprisingly Simple Meditation Technique – in this article, Catherine Redfern writes about her experience with meditation and share the 7 benefits of how meditation enriched her life. Catherine will give you a proper perspective of the type of shift to your life would be expected if you started meditating yourself.
  • I Meditated For 365 Days Straight. Here’s What Happened –  a wonderful and inspirational journey has come out of Cyrena Lee meditating for 1 year. Her life and mind have transformed entirely, and I hope that reading her story will resonate with you and convince you to adopt meditation into your life.

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Can't wait to see your results!


Oh yes! Get ready for the results!

Change your MIND - change your LIFE !

Start your self-development journey with my 21 DAY Mind Control Challenge!

Today you can save $20 and get it from me for FREE.

Can't wait to see your results!


Oh yes! Get ready for the results!

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