The Friendship Program

friendship program

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Curious what's inside?

  • Introduction letter – a personal letter from me to introduce you to the purpose of the program and the importance of active listening
  • Program manual to give you clear instructions for working with the worksheet properly
  • Program guide to explain every step of the program for getting the best results
  • Friendship worksheet 7-day fillable, printable worksheet, that can be used repetitively
  • Tips from Sarahmy secret tips to give you even more support for completing this program and finishing the tasks successfully

Quick overview to get you started

What does it mean to have friends? Having a person in your life to whom you can tell everything? Someone who “is there for you” and stands next to you in hard times?

Having friends and our partners as best friends is fantastic, but let’s not forget that it takes two to tango – it takes two people to make any relationship work. The key to making friends and creating long-lasting, meaningful relationships is active listening.

Try out my 1 WEEK Friendship Program and improve your active listening skills so you can show the people you wish to have in your life the love and affection they long for and create that deep emotional connection between you two.

Like the concept? Care to improve it, even if just a little?

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