The Motivation Program

Self-help should be for free.

Curious what's inside?

  • Introduction letter – a personal letter from me to introduce you to the purpose of the program and to the meaning of “motivation”
  • Program manual to give you clear instructions for working with the worksheet properly
  • Program guide to explain every step of the program for getting the best results
  • Zero Motivation worksheet 7-day fillable, printable worksheet, that can be used repetitively
  • Tips from Sarahmy tips for “motivation” to give you even more support for completing this program and finishing the tasks successfully

Quick overview to get you started

Bulletproof and long-lasting motivation is the holy grail. People look for it and seek it everywhere, yet it is nowhere to be found. People get coached all the time. They pay tons of money to get the motivation and still, they lose it every time they need it the most.
But what if motivation didn’t exist in the first place? What if it was a myth? How could you achieve your goals then?
You can find out by taking up my mind intriguing 1 WEEK Motivation Program and get the action going. You will finish plenty of tasks and tackle the true motivation secret once and for all.