The Patience Program

The Patience Program

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Curious what's inside?

  • Introduction letter – a personal letter from me to introduce you to the purpose of the program and the importance of patience
  • Program manual to give you clear instructions for working with the worksheet properly
  • Program guide to explain every step of the program for getting the best results
  • Patience worksheet 7-day fillable, printable worksheet, that can be used repetitively
  • Tips from Sarahmy tips for patience to give you even more support for completing this program and finishing the tasks successfully

Quick overview to get you started

Many situations in life require patience and being impatient can get expensive. Sometimes, there is no shortcut and all we need to do is wait or give things the time they need.

If impatience stands in your way of happiness, goal-achieving, or relationships, there might be a hidden reason – “why”,  behind it.

A great way to test your patience skills and improve them at the same time is taking up my 1 WEEK Patience Program with the possibility of daily tracking your patience, reflecting on it, and focusing on finding the main reason behind your impatience, which is essential for reestablishing your inner peace.